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Saturday, October 16, 2010

10 Hilarious Protest Signs

I love me some pictures.  With the advent of text speak and the increasing popularity of abbreviations, a picture is now valued at about 1443 words.  This makes them easy ways to add value to my blog with minimal effort.  Google Images and a blatant disregard for online property rights makes the addition of these gems almost instantaneous.  From time to time, however, I am thwarted by the difficulty of thinking of an image that could represent some of the abstract concepts I discuss.

A perfect example came up the other day when I wrote this blog and had to think of a graphic that would encapsulate people who are politically passionate about things they know nothing about.  After a few minutes of pondering I typed in "misspelled protest sign" and let Google do it's work.  After all, what could more perfectly personify this quality than a person who was worked up enough about an issue to make a sign and go to a protest, but not worked up enough to read anything at all about it?

I was amazed when Google returned the results.  Rather than digging through page after page to find a gem I was offered an entire jeweler's chest at once.  I was disappointed that I could only select one.  After a few minutes of searching I settled on a picture of two people protesting "Youth in Asia", but I almost felt bad leaving some of the others out.

Now, I could simply encourage you to go to Google Images and enter the same query as I did, but why go to all that trouble when I can just offer you my top picks? So consider this to be one of my lazier blogs, but a few of these were too good not to share:

#1) From the "Truer Than You Know" Department:

Never expect much out of the "crayon on brown paper
bag" protest sign guy.  In their defense, crayon is not erasable.

#2) From the "Robbing From Peter to Pay Peter" Department: tell 'em.

#3) From the "Speaking From Experience" Department:

"Heck, I can teach 'em to gamble at home, but
that plus and minus stuff?  Forget it."

#4) From the "Burned By Pulp One Too Many Times" Department:

I'm not sure if this includes "Sunny Delight" or not.  I'll get back to you.

#5) From the "We Can All Agree On This One" Department:

You have to wonder why none of these folks told her...

#6) From the "Spot All The Grammatical Errors" Department:

In his defense, all of those are
actually words.

#7) From the "Reinforcing the Stereotype" Department:

Unfortunately, many pubic scholers have problems with this one, too.

#8) From the "How Many People Could Possibly Have Been at This Protest?" Department:

Part of the great "Vista Rage" outbreak, probably.
I know I've called my computer worse.

#9) From the "Freedom Of Speach" Department

"And then tell me where you got it."

And finally...
#10) From the "They Said to Keep it Simple" Department:

Making the world aware of synonyms, one march at a time.

If this didn't satiate your hunger for stupidity don't worry; Google images has many more.

Aaron Davies


  1. Yes, I have seen several of these before, but # 8 and #10 were new to me. Excellent blog post.

  2. But Homosexuals are Gay! It's about time somebody admitted it.

    Awesome post, Mr. Davies. :)